Camp Klurman provides a camping experience for children 3 years old through 8th grade.

Chalutzim (Pioneers) is for campers 3 and 4 years old
Chalutzim campers thrive in a nurturing, enthusiastic, supportive and structured environment. Special attention is given to social growth, emotional development and physical needs of each individual camper. Campers participate in daily activities and enjoy special entertainment on campus. Campers must be 3 years old by the first day of camp and potty trained.

Chaverim (Friends) is for campers entering Kindergarten
Chaverim campers are challenged by a wide range of athletic, creative and social activities in a Jewish environment which encourages independence and growth. Chaverim campers will have weekly on-campus entertainment. The Chaverim unit also has a Jr. Sports group where campers’ concentration will be a variety of sports as well as a mix of traditional camp activities.

Yedidim (Children) is for campers entering 1st – 2nd Grade
This program is perfect for campers who are ready to try new things. Yedidim campers enjoy a full day of fun activities including theme days, special activities and entertainment. Yedidim campers will have on campus entertainment.

Achim (Siblings) is for campers entering 3rd – 4th Grade
Achim camp encourages adventure, new challenges and skill building. Achim campers have the opportunity to choose from a variety of chugs (activities/hobbies) and unit programming. Campers participate in sports drills and variety of specialized activities. Achim campers will have on campus entertainment.

Tzofim (Scouts) is for campers entering 5th – 6th Grade and 7th – 8th Grade
Tzofim camp is all about bonding with peers, sharing experiences and creating memories that will last a lifetime. Tzofim campers will engage in specialized activities to learn with professional instructors and coaches to wet their appetite for learning while providing challenging and fun opportunities to grow as individual and gain new knowledge. Tzofim campers will have on campus entertainment.

Sports Camp for campers entering 1st – 4th Grade
MBJCC Sports Camp is an in-depth sports program committed to developing fundamental sports skills. Campers are separated by grades into groups to create level based competitive teams. This multi-sport specialty camp is designed for the sports enthusiast. Each day the campers enjoy a “sport of the day”, focusing on Basketball, Football and Soccer drills Their daily routine also includes a variety of other sports and camp activities including swim.

Specialty Camps: Princess Dance, Hip Hop, Drone Flying, Gymnastics, DPB LEGO Robotics, Coding & Graphic Design, Cheerleading, Performing Arts, Basketball Training Camp, and Aquatic Sports Camp.
Campers spend most of their time in specialty areas, but spend a portion of each day with the camp specialists, swimming and general camp activities.

Special events enhance our day camp programs and experiences each week. Parents will be informed about which special events will be taking place, on the camp schedule prior to the camp session or via newsletters that are sent home. Please note that scheduled events are subject to change.

We at Camp Klurman believe camp is about exploring, using our imagination and of course having fun! A camp theme helps each week be more memorable. This summer our theme is “Out of This World!”, which will guide each week’s creative activities curriculum.

Pre Camp: Hachnasat Orchim – Welcoming All
Week 1: Lechaved Et Chaevdelim – Respecting Differences
Week 2: Inventions of Israel
Week 3: Tikun Olam – Repairing the World
Week 4: Jewish Symbols
Week 5: I Love Israel
Week 6: V’ahavta L’raecha K’mocha – Respecting others like yourself
Week 7: Famous Jewish Personalities
Week 8: Derech Eretz – Proper Behavior
Post Camp: Kehila – Community

There will be no field trips for Summer 2020 as per recommendations from the CDC due to COVID-19. All groups will have additional specialized events and on campus entertainment to enhance the weekly activities.


Wacky Wednesdays are a chance to dress up and be silly. Campers who dress up get to walk the runway at Boker Tov and sow off their creativity. We encourage everyone to wear a simple costume to get into the spirit of the day! Our Wacky Wednesday dress up days are:

Pre Camp: Hawaiian Theme Day
Week 1: Favorite Sports Team Day
Week 2: Out of This World Day
Week 3: Red, White and Blue Day
Week 4: Favorite Color Day
Week 5: I Love Israel Day
Week 6: Celebration of Nations Day
Week 7: Who do you want to be? (Career Day)
Week 8: Movie Theme Day
Post Camp: Mix and Match Day

All campers will participate in recreational and instructional swimming taught by Swim Gym in the camp’s heated outdoor pool. Everyone has swimming at least once a day (unless a special event has been scheduled in its place). The swim program is an important and integral part of camp life and is greeted with enthusiasm by campers. Our Swim Gym aquatics staff are supervised by Swim Gym Program Director Jennie Strauss. Lifeguards and water safety instructors (WSI), certified by the American Red Cross with skills in helping campers to adapt to the water and to develop stronger swimming techniques. Instructors will encourage the campers to participate in the swim program. *Goggles and swim caps are required in the swimming pool.

Chalutzim campers swim first thing in the morning, please send your child to camp in their bathing suit. Campers change in their bunkrooms therefore they will be walking from the pool to their rooms. Make sure to send flip flops for your child so they don’t have to walk barefoot through the halls. Please send plastic bags with your child for wet suits and towels.

Chaverim and older campers change in the locker rooms. Counselors will help your children to get dressed and will help to make sure all items go home with your child at the end of the day.


The MBJCC offers aquatic sports activities on the Intercostal Waterway during our summer camp. The Sol Stern Docks, just of the Kotzen Aquatics Center and the Athletic Field, are a great addition to the Camp. All age groups (K and up) will have a chance to engage in a variety of fun water activities, where safety is our number one priority. Trained & certified instructors and lifeguards will teach your children water safety, proper use of equipment and love of the water.

Camp Klurman is the ideal space for children of all religious and ethnic backgrounds; we strive to nurture campers to develop into responsible, respectful, global citizens. Complemented by our informal Jewish environment, campers develop a deeper understanding of and appreciation for Jewish heritage and traditions while also developing a true sense of community. This will be reinforced not only through daily activities like Boker Tov, but also when the campers go to specialists throughout the camp day. With the help of our Jewish Educators we spend the summer learning about Israel through interactive activities like dance, art, music and more. We also put together an Israel Day Carnival for the children to experience the culture and the food of the country.

BOKER TOV (Good morning)
Each morning the campers begin the day by gathering with their own groups to welcome the day. We dance, sing and cheer to start every morning with “Ruach” (spirit).

We offer an optional morning prayer for those who would like to join us. Morning Prayer will take place at 8:40 am. If you would like your child to participate please email us at camp@mbjcc.org in advance.

Due to travel restrictions of COVID-19 we will not have our visitors from Israel this summer. Israel specialty activities will be taught by a variety of instructors and Israeli experts.

Each week we celebrate Shabbat as a camp community. Shabbat is a time where we all come together to prepare for the day of rest with special prayers, songs and programs. Shabbat is also an opportunity to acknowledge campers and staff, showcase new skills and socialize with one another.