Paul Frishman
Chief Executive Officer | x215





Bernie Rovt
Chief Financial Officer | x208





Nataly Yusim
Chief Operating Officer | x212





Jessica Beaubrun
Executive Team Assistant/HR | x216





Nicole Linares
Membership Director | x203




Dietrich Delmas
Director of Maintenance | x220





Stacey Hatch
Fitness Director | x222





Spencer Ingoglia
Fitness & Wellness Coordinator




Jenny Mermelszteyn
Director of Camping & Children/Family Programs | x210





Nicole Goldstein
After-school Program Coordinator | x204




Karen Sepsenwol
Director of Cultural Arts & Adult Programs | x214





Debbie Sack
Cultural Arts & Adult Program Assistant | x232





Joe Campodonico
Athletics Director | x211





Maia Perez
Registrar | x235




Jennie Strauss
Swim Gym Program Director | x217





Janet Thomas
Payroll Manager/Accounts Payable | x209





Ariel Rounds
Marketing Director | x206




Mauricio Perez
IT Manager & Marketing Assistant | x230





Stacey Weintraub
Front Desk Supervisor





Jarred Axon
Sports Specialist