Looking for something cool to do after school or a place to hang out with your friends on a weekend? The MBJCC is the place to be for teens to socialize, learn, and make a difference in the world. We have a wide variety of programs designed just for the middle school years and for high school-aged teens.

About the Teen Program:
The MBJCC Teen Program is a group that provides a space for the MBJCC to create teen friendly programs and projects. The Teen program’s major focus is on community service, social events, Jewish identity, social justice, health and wellness, and representing the MBJCC.  In addition to participating in teen specific events, the aim of the MBJCC Teen Program is to create an environment where teens feel like a part of the MBJCC community. The participating teens, through our program, will become contributing members to the community, and have an appreciation for our five core values of the teen program.


Upcoming events will include Color War, stand up paddle boarding, Miami Heat Games, and more!